There are many ways for you to get involved with the projects of Spirit of America Foundation. Here are some of the projects that we are doing:


Promote Patriotism
  • Actively Seeking Opportunities to Promote Veteran Appreciate of Veterans
  • Educate and Create Awareness of what it is to be an American and our History
DAV (Disabled American Veterans) Flag Proposal
  • Inclusion and Recognition of the Spirit of America Flag
  • Participate in DAV Activities and Events to Help American Veterans and Their Families
Local and National Veteran Events Sponsorship/Assistance
  • Actively Participate in Local and National Veteran Programs and Events to Promote Patriotism and Veteran Recognition
  • Sponsor of Trail of Tears Commemorative Ride
  • Frank Buckles, Last Living WWI Veteran Recognition Events
  • Robert G. Heft, Designer of American Flag Recognition Events
American Legion Activities
  • Veteran Services Assistance
  • Organizing and Co-Sponsoring Veteran Recognition Events
Donate a Shirt
  • Area Homeless Shelter “Donate a Shirt” Project to Provide Clothing for those in Need in the Cold Winter Days Ahead
  • Network Businesses and Organizations in Efforts to Reach as Many Shelters as Possible by New Year
Lest We Forget USA Sponsorship/Assistance
  • Participate in Activities of Lest We Forget USA.org
  • Sponsor and Co-Organizer of Varies Veteran Events



Please visit the "Links" page for additional information and access to the webpages of the projects. If you would like to donate or order a shirt for any of the projects, please fill in the name of the project in the "Designate a Cause" section of the order entry form.

If you would like to propose a project, please contact us via the "Contact Us" page.



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