As we refresh our memories

Of all the wars gone by,

Let each of us be grateful

For our "Heroes" you and I.

They gave their all that we may live

In a country good and free,

"Lest we Forget" They did it all

For the likes of you and me.

Remember the "Heroes"

Who fought our wars

And kept "Old Glory" Flying;

Those who gave their utmost

And saved us all from dying.


Written by Richard Hemphill

At one time in their lives, our veterns were pillars of strength, guardians of freedom, the brave and strong. Today many are unable to enjoy the simple pleasures most people take for granted.

The veterans have earned America’s highest praise, unfortunately after the parades are over and the flags cased, that praise can be easily forgotten.

"The intent of the "SPIRIT OF AMERICA", is not to forget but to honor and assist those in need when they have no where else to turn". founder Dale Hemphill stated.

Many surviving family members do not receive the proper amount of benefits to make ends meet. "It took seven years for the VA to adjudicate my families death benefits claim after my husband died from cancer upon returning from the Gulf", stated Dian Dulka-Gates, surviving wife of a Gulf War veteran and Democratic candidate for Connecticut State Representative. "It was only five hours before I held my press conference announcing my candidacy for State Rep., that the VA called me and said I was to start receiving benefits.", Mrs. Gates added. "It took entirely too long for my family to receive anything from the government my husband died for". Mrs. Gates said angrily.

The "SPIRIT OF AMERICA" wants to fill those cracks. "We want to be there to help some of the most deserving people in the country,” Hemphill added.

There are a lot of organizations veterans can turn to", Hemphill claims. "But many of them offer the same programs, we want to perfect these programs and add more to them" Mr. Hemphill said.

"How we intend to do this is to set goals that include identifying and prioritize health issues, provide information on educational resources: encourage the establishments of grassroots support groups: improve communication among local, regional and national levels: network with other veterans organizations; and promote fundraising events" Hemphill claims. Mr. Hemphill also claims "We want to help set up loan programs, utility bill assistance and food, clothing and diaper banks for veterans and their families".

Along with the "SPIRIT OF AMERICA" foundation is FORGOTTEN HEROES, Ltd. which mainly funds the non-profit organization through the sales of t-shirts, sweatshirts, hats, flags and many other patriotic items. A percentage of those sales go directly into establishing a building fund for the "SPIRIT OF AMERICA" the non-profit part of the two organizations. FORGOTTEN HEROES, Ltd. is the corporation that manufactures patented products to raise funds for the "SPIRIT OF AMERICA" foundation.


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